Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sea Turtle

After the Gulf spill I often wondered about all of the sea creatures and people who had to deal with the aftermath of such a devastating spill. Right before much of the oil came to shore, my family and I were driving across country and got to spend time on the beaches that would soon be under a lot of crude oil. One sea creature that I adore is the sea turtle. There is something so wonderfully graceful and beautiful about it.


Yuli said...

Liked the turtle :-)

Do you always cut in black?
I have tried different colures recently. It gives interesting results and more "happy" look (baby room and so) but The black gives better contrast.


Brittany said...

Thank you, Yuli.
No, I do not always cut in black but I seem to prefer it. I am not sure exactly why but I love the way it looks...very traditional (even if the themes and style is not so traditional).